A little feedback and advice…

100_7982_Historical Hereford Day 2012A little feedback and advice can go a long way. Over the last few years as Minstrels of the Forest, we have enjoyed many of John’s comments as he strives to capture in words his feelings about each performance.

Concerning our playing at Wilton Castle (June 2012):

“Well, that was mildly diverting…”

After our concert in Bishopswood (June 2013):

“We weren’t disgraceful, were we?”

To this, I would add the words of a visiting drummer (Jim) at Chepstow:

“..not too bad really, in fact some of it was quite nice”.

And finally, here is some advice John offered concerning how one should play the Bear Dance 63 times:

“…play it through twice straight, then louder, then quieter, then audience singalong, then thrash, then tango style, then eight times through dropping a note each time, then back in loud, double time, with foot on monitor, with rebec behind head, swap instruments, play lying down, walk through audience playing, walk into wings playing, play through once unseen, come sliding back onto stage on knees whilst still playing….

What could possibly go wrong?”




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